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When the very first Sunday School was started several hundered years ago in Great Brittain, the purpose was to provide an opportunity to learn to read for low income, over-worked children who could not attend school. The greater goal was to present God's Word to these children that they might learn of Christ and become his disciples. A lot has changed in the world and with Sunday School since that time. Which is why, recently, the elders at First Baptist made the decision to stop using the term "Sunday School" to describe what follows the worship service on Sunday mornings and instead begin saying "Small Groups."

Not much will change as far as what happens during that time. There will still be groups of 5-10 people, sometimes more, who meet for 45 minutes to an hour to catch up with one another, pray for each other, discuss the Bible passage the sermon was on and how God spoke to them through it or to read another text of Scripture and talk about how it applies to their lives. Rather than a class where one person teaches and other people listen to learn, the purpose of these groups is for people to read and discuss God's Word together, to pray with and for one another, and to serve as the first line of care (within the church) for anyone who has a need.

If you're not meaningfully connected to one of our three adult groups (we also have ministry to children and youth during this time), why not make that a goal for this year?