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Few topics are more off-putting and offensive to non-Christians than the Bible’s teaching about hell. Even some Christians seem to be embarrassed at this topic. For many people, the idea of eternal punishment seems to be incompatible with a God of love. However, no one spoke more pointedly and arrestingly about hell than Jesus himself. And he told us this to warn us—he wants us to take heed. In this message, David Platt considers Christ’s words about hell in Mark 9:42–50 and urges us to respond appropriately. Hell is a dreadful reality that is consistent with God’s perfect justice and holiness toward sinners. At the same time, heaven is a glorious reality for all who turn from their sin and from trusting in themselves to trust in Jesus. Because of Christ’s sinless life, sin-bearing death, and glorious, bodily resurrection, those who trust in Him can know that they have eternal life. 

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